The all in one Feed Supplement.

Contains all the ingredients for a healthy metabolism:
Whey powder, Spirulina, Seaweeds, Multivitamins, Minerals, Trace elements,
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, M.S.M. and Beta Glucan M.

TotalPlusPlusQure is a sophisticated combination of high Bioavailability:

Whey is an ideal source for quality Amino Acids and Proteins.
Spirulina is a green algae, rich in protein, iron and Vitamin B1 and also includes
Fish fatty acids.

Seaweeds are considered as a super food, rich in Fiber, Protein, Iron and Vitamins
Glucosamine is the building block for hyaluronic acid (the ideal lubricant in the joints)
and Keratin sulphate, which is found in the skin and feathers.
Chondroitin is an essential component of joint cartilage.

M.S.M. is an organic sulfur compound, which naturally occurs in each cell. It provides
a smooth cell wall and optimum resilience of mucous membranes, skin and
connective tissue.

Beta Glucan M is an Immunomodulator that acts directly on white blood cells.
An extra high content of Ascorbic acid (Vit.C), the A.D.E.K. vitamins and B
complex combined with the necessary Trace elements and Minerals take care of a
smooth metabolism without weak links.

By optimizing the metabolism, putting forward building blocks and by direct effect on
the immune system, the own defense of the pigeon is brought to a higher level.
This is an important tool in the prevention of diseases and the repair of damaged
tissue and chronic processes

TotalPlusPlusQure® is a versatile product. It contributes to a tight plumage, supple
joints and a strong self-defense. It comes into its own during flights and
transportation, but also in the moult and disease. It is also very useful in mating,
breeding and weaning.

May be administered as long as necessary, 3 times a week.
If additional resistance is required it can be provided daily.
Possibly combined with an injection of ImmoQject®


Dosage: a heaped measuring spoon = 10 grams per 20 pigeons, on ± 500 g of feed.

Ideally, is to moisten the feed with Omega3 oil, such as OmegaOctoQure®.

Problems in combination with medications are yet not known

Storage: Dark and dry, protected from heat. Keep out of reach of children!

Close packing well after use and wash hands.

Available in 500 grams