A small company with a strong philosophy.

ProQure Pharma was founded by Veterinarian Mario Blom. As a veterinary student, Mario already kept busy producing medication for his father´s fish and pigeon, so upon graduating in 1972, the next natural step was building up a veterinary practice with a focus on these animals. Unfortunately, in those times, making a living out of such a practice was not possible. Instead, Mario started a practice specialized in intensive farming (poultry, veal, and pork). Big farms with big problems, where being creative and effective were fundamental needs.

Circumstances on farms were often far from optimal, resulting in stressed animals with multi-resistant bacteria. Learning about the characteristics and qualities of different antibiotics in the field, Mario was able to create his own medications, with which he was able to treat most if not all problems animals were suffering from. He also learned that stressed animals are more susceptible to illness and, once ill, are harder to cure.

When Mario once again started treating fish, yet another lesson fundamental to the philosophy of ProQure was learned: Fish living in water of perfect quality don’t get sick very often, and when they do, they´re often able to heal by themselves. It´s all a matter of the immune system.

When it comes to your pigeons, you can provide excellent housing for them, clean and disinfect their surroundings, and provide them with the best possible food. You can provide them with a perfect quality living; however, as soon as they fly out during races, they´re coming in touch with a less than perfect environment, exposure to stress, and potential disease carriers.

All our products are all created based on these fundamental lessons which Mario learned during his years of working as a vet.


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